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In today’s market, it is critical for a business to keep on the radar. You need to keep in contact and offering your customers relevant, timely, useful content – consistently! Blogging is a key marketing strategy, but do you struggle to not only keep up with consistent posting but also generate new ideas to write about? It can be a time consuming but necessary process. That’s where I can help! I provide your company with fresh, original, well-thought out content for your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blog. I can offer post ideas if you’re in need of that, too. Price varies depending on size of blog article, so email or call for a quote. Package pricing is also available to suit your needs.
Regardless of industry or whether you are a B2B or B2C company, as a content copywriting specialist, I can provide effective content that keeps your business relevant and at the forefront of your customers (and potential customers). While this is not an exhaustive list of content and copy I can write, these are some of the content marketing projects I specialize in. If you need a project you don’t see listed here, please contact me for information specific to your needs and receive a personalized quote. Pricing varies depending on the length and complexity of the projects.
Get your customers to sell for you – because nothing is better than a real customer honestly saying in their own words how great your service, product, or business is! Think of a case study as a long-form testimonial showing how that customer succeeded in some way because of their business dealings with your company. Their story lends more credibility and gives potential customers a way to relate it to their own needs. Each case study averages 2 pages of content or about 500 to 1,000 words (or more if you need).
Much like blog articles, your customers appreciate relevant and useful information that helps them achieve a goal or solve a problem. These longer-format information pieces stealthly position your company, product, or service as the answer your customer needs and has been looking for. It is a subtle marketing technique used to influence your prospects to find out more information and entertain the idea of working with your company. White papers and special reports are great giveaway content pieces to generate leads and gain the contact information of interested, prospective customers. White papers and special reports are 5 to 10 pages on average, but can be longer depending on your company’s message.
Gone are the days where you could just put up a short 100- to 200-word blog post or comment on social media to show up on the search engines. Longer content is critical and if you want to get noticed by your current and prospective customers, you have got to have something more in depth to say. Whether you end up giving away the content or putting it on Kindle and making money from it, e-books are a great way of educating your customers while at the same time positioning your company as a thought leader and expert within your marketplace. I will plan, research, and write your e-book, ensuring it can be uploaded to Kindle if that is your desired method of delivery. Otherwise I will deliver it in pdf format. Depending on your topic, e-books can be of any length and complexity.
Do you know even one person who doesn’t go online and check their email at least once a day? Most people check their email numerous times a day, which is why e-newsletters are a great way to keep up and in contact with both customers and prospective customers who have an interest in your products or services. But most companies use email marketing so you need a way to ensure your e-newsletter gets open and read beyond all the other marketing messages (most likely your competition’s) they receive. Hire me to not only create compelling headlines that get your messages opened and read, but also helpful and interesting, original content your email list will appreciate. Emailing frequency and length vary depending on your marketing strategy and your timely company news, but together we can build a plan and package that will work for you.
Key Message Platforms
Making our company’s message consistent across all your marketing content is vital as your brand is your business’ calling card that gets you recognized instantly for what you offer. Your brand should equal success in your market and help your company stand out strong in the sea of other companies out there. Are your marketing messages all over the place? Is your business’ voice and focus clear, solid, and consistent? I can help you clarify your message and offers so that you stand out and attract more customers with a key message platform. I will provide you with an in depth questionnaire about your company and do a review of your current marketing materials. I will then develop a clear, persuasive description of your company and what it does. I will write or rewrite various elevator speeches and main service descriptions and integrate these messages into your web copy as needed. 
Other types of copywriting and related services I can provide include:
  • ​Company Profiles
  • Marketing Material Auditing
  • Website Audits
  • Website Copy
  • Email marketing
  • Proposals
  • Press Releases
  • Direct Mail Marketing