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All the Write Words Services
All the Write Words offers all types of copywriting and design projects.  Most services are charged on a per-project or word-count basis which gives you the benefit of knowing what your project will cost — up front! If the project is larger and more in-depth, and does not fit within the general guidelines, an hourly rate might be charged. This will be discussed upon project assignment. If you are in need of a project that is not listed here, please contact me and I will be happy to give you a no-obligation quote! Feel free to email me with questions or if you need more information!

The following are writing projects I offer:

  •  Classified Ad (under 75 words)
  •   Full-Page Display Ad
  •   1/2-Page Display Ad
  •   Annual Report
  •   Articles -- print or online
  •   Booklet
  •   Brochure (Tri-fold)
  •   Brochure (Custom Sized)
  •   Business Letter (General)
  •   Business Plan or Report
  •   Company History
  •   Direct Mail Letter
  •   Direct Mail Package
  •   E-Book
  •   Full-page Flyer
  •   Fundraising Letter
  •   Invoice Stuffer (3.5 x 8)
  •   Newsletter
  •   Press Release
  •   Grant Letter of Intent (LOI)
  •   Grant Proposal to a foundation
  •   Grant Proposal/RFP to Federal/State/City Govt
  •   Script
  •   Slogan
  •   Web Content
  •   Website Writing

Other services available include editing, proofreading, evaluation, and consultation. I also can provide grant funding research.